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Bovet SIHH 2017 Exclusive Preview

Soon after the SIHH 2017 Watch Fair in Geneva, luxury artistan brand Bovet brouht it's new collection to Abu Dhabi for an exclsuvie UAE first private viewing.

AL Manara International Jewellery clients and friends gathered at the new Four Season's hotel on Al Maryah Island. Joined by Mr Kurt Hefti, the brands area manager for the Middle East, we sat down for a meal in the The award-winning Café Milano's private room. 

Inbetween each course Mr Hefti presented a new watch from the 2017 collection with the best saved fro last the new Récital 20 Astérium® 10-Day Flying Tourbillon Night Sky Annual Calendar with Astronomical Functions. 

THE RÉCITAL 20 ASTÉRIUM® seamlessly continues the tradition set by its illustrious predecessor, reprising the characteristic shaped case to present an unprecedented mechanical display that showcases the volumes and decoration of the timepiece. What is more, the diptych now formed by these two timepieces takes us on a genuine philosophical journey to the edges of time and space. For with these timepieces, Pascal Raffy and the BOVET 1822 watchmakers invite us to explore the universe and the origins of time itself. While the watchmakers chose to soar above and offer a celestial view of our planet with its 24 time zones visible at a glance for the Shooting Star, they have returned to Earth for this masterpiece and lifted their eyes to the skies.

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