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Bovet perpetuates the tradition in decorative arts for its dials and movements that made its timepieces among the most treasured luxury objects of the 19th century.

In a market where virtually every watch can be compared with another, Bovet timepieces stand in a category of their own. Movements are manufactured with elegance and robustness. Magnificently decorated in engraving and enamels or in the tradition instrument finish of an Haute Horlogerie movement. It is an approach that dates back 191 years, when Edouard Bovet made his first pocket watches to display exotic European arts to the Chinese aristocracy. Bovet insists on the finest materials and the rarest workmanship. Miniature painting takes more than seventy hours of concentration and sixty or more firing in a kiln.

Bovet’s exceptional historical heritage and the uncompromising expression of every aspect of watchmaking expertise have inspired many timepieces which cement the House’s unceasing quest for watchmaking excellence and aesthetic refinement.


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