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Christian Dior

And what if Dior were recounting a tale about time? No doubt the rhythm would be precise. But would it be perpetual? Certainly, it would have the regularity of the seasons and the shows, that lengthy span of time pacing the creations.

But within the cycle, there is so much speeding up and slowing down! So many pauses, so many moments in suspension! Dior time is synonymous with Dior’s times. Time for the fast and frenetic final preparations for the collections; urgently counting down the minutes.

But also time for craftsmanship, slow and conscientious, the hours spent on attention to detail and knowhow, on embroidery or a jewel setting, on topstitching precious leather or the particular distillation of the essence of a rare flower…Time which takes its time, time decided by the hand. And yet, a hand so precise, so deft that time seems obliged to accelerate as if to keep up the pace.


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